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5 things to know about male depression

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We tell you about the ideas of the psychological bestseller “I don’t want to talk about it” by Terrence Real.

Male depression is often inherited

If men are not aware of their condition, do not fight with it, their depression is transmitted further, from father to son, as was the case with Real Madrid and his father. A toxic legacy can poison the lives of several generations, and turning a blind eye to it is pointless and dangerous.

Many men are captured by the ideal image that they must match

They depend on him and this dependence prevents him from seeing the feelings of others, living people, which he needs so much. In appearance, such a man seems inaccessible and proud, but behind this pride lies a deep self-doubt. He loves not himself, but his image.

Artificial balance

To reduce internal disharmony, a person with latent depression turns to external stimuli. These stimulants can be the pursuit of wealth and prestige and other types of addiction. When a person in latent depression receives these stimuli, their self-esteem will briefly increase. When the pleasure wears off, the depression only gets worse.

Dependence on loved ones and aggression

Husbands with latent depression often develop dependence on their wives to pay attention to them, otherwise they feel abandoned and unnecessary. At such moments, some of them may use their fists or break something. At the same time, they do not realize that they are simply relieving stress at the expense of a loved one, not being particularly interested in his feelings.

The main myth of patriarchy

One of the most enduring myths of patriarchy is that the influence of the mother is harmful to the son, and the influence of the father is beneficial. It is generally accepted in society that boys, as they grow up, must necessarily break off ties with their mother, otherwise she will make them effeminate and effeminate. The bond with the mother is strong and deep, and is the first bond that an infant receives at birth. Real Madrid believes that this is nothing more than a stupid myth. Studies have shown that single mothers raise ordinary boys, they adapt to difficult conditions no worse than guys from complete families, and do not have any mental disabilities.

I don’t want to talk about it destroys old stereotypes about a real man – a lonely hero, unfeeling and cold, or an authoritarian head of the family, to whom the household must obey. The world and gender roles in it are changing, but ancient myths do not die. Read on to find out what causes male depression and why male depression is often more difficult to detect and treat.

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