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Best home based business ideas

Unfortunately, you don’t always have inspiration or genius ideas for new products to sell online. When we are looking for trends we don’t always look specifically at products but also at entire industries and the lifestyle of certain target groups. There are ways to get your inspiration going.


You can also take the opposite approach, thinking from the product. For example, you can take a product or a problem and come up with a new improved product based on that. If you’re going to sell your own product then at least you know you have no direct competition!


Read our 64 tips from all corners of the Internet ( services too) maybe you’ll get some ideas!


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1 to 5: Security articles & Webshops

Safety is an important theme in society. Not only the government is constantly working to improve our safety. Individuals and companies are constantly looking for ways to make the home and general life safer. Ten years ago, for example, almost no one had security cameras at their front door, now you see them more and more.  An ideal category to add to: web shop ideas. On the one hand because it is more affordable, on the other hand because people are increasingly aware of their safety. In addition to surveillance cameras, you can also think of locks, defense equipment and alarm systems.




Webshop for smart security cameras.

Webshop with computer security software packages

Webshop for driveway detectors. If you are good at this you can become the market leader for such a niche product.

Offer your services as a computer security expert online.

Can also be one step deeper:

6 to 9: Sustainability = Hot!

The Dutch are in the lead when it comes to saving energy. Compared to our fellow Europeans, they are already investing heavily in methods to reduce their energy bills. And probably with success, otherwise the increasing sales of energy-saving products would be hard to explain. In recent years, for example, we have heard a lot about energy-generating solar panels, energy-efficient LED lights and new ways to insulate your home. Also consider new innovations such as battery storage and mobile generators.




An Advisory Service for Insulation/Saving for Energy.

Sell quotes to Insulation companies, and through your site try to find visitors looking for info in the field of insulation. (quotation trade)

A web store for Windmills. ( doesn’t exist yet! )

Energy saving advice at a distance

10 to 15: Fashion articles

Mainly women spend a large part of their salary on fashion and clothing. Besides new dresses, jeans and shirts you can think of accessories such as sunglasses and scarves, also make up like lipsticks and eyeliners do very well. Also because they are easy and cheap to send by mail!


Concrete webshop ideas:


Eyeliner specialist: Webshop only for eyeliners.

Dive into a deeper subject and be super relevant immediately:

Webshop for only fashion articles that can be taken on the plane in the hand luggage!

Handmade Fashion Accessories webshop. ( high margin ! )

Not quite fashion: but what if you offer a service that helps people with the branding of their social media channels?



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