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Door lock – what to think about when buying new ones

A door is never better than its door lock so make sure that you choose a lock that lives up to the security standard. We are your professional locksmith in Rotterdam, and we will be happy to assist you when needed. So if you need to buy a new lock for your doors, contact us and we will advise and assist you. 

Electronic door lock

Electronic locks are becoming increasingly popular. Here, codes, cards, or small magnetic plates are used to show permission to a house instead of the custom key. Codes are not considered safe enough to provide approved locks. The advantage of lock-free lock is that there is no keyhole to force. Some models may also be easier to handle for a person with disabilities than a key. There are also electronic locks where the common key is used. However, in order to be able to access a key, an electronic remote lock is unlocked. The degree of security of these locking options varies greatly.

Choosing door lock

A lock should be handy to use and serve as a good protection. For fire safety and other safety reasons, a lock used on a house can be opened from the inside without the need for a key when someone is in the house. It’s called the lock is homely. At the same time, the locked door should not be able to unlock inside of thieves and bandits when no one is at home. It is not entirely unusual that the thief enters a window. But when they are going out, with a host of valuables, they would like to take the much easier door out. Such locks are called for unsecured.

It may cause two locks to be the best option. This applies not least if a cylinder lock with a knob on the inside is used as a lock. It is not approved as an individual lock by insurance companies, but is a so-called home-made lock. Then a lock is required, an unsecured item, for those who do not want to replace the entire lock. The same applies if the door is only fitted with a locking lock. Then a rule or cylinder lock that can be locked from inside when people are at home is needed, and the locking lock should only be locked when everyone stays outside the house. A complete option is the dual-function lock. They are working both ways.

Think of

If keys are lost or you buy a new house or apartment, it is always good to change the door lock. Who knows who can have access to the property otherwise? In addition to door locks, reinforcements on the door frame are required to prevent an unauthorized person from simply breaking through the door. If the door can easily break up, it does not matter what lock the door has. Always reinforce the frames, make sure the door can not be detached and supplement this with a good lock. This increases the chance that the house will break. Entrance doors are also not the only pathway for thieves and bows. They may as well enter through patio doors and kitchen doors, or windows. Always make sure you have a complete picture of the security mode and ensure that the security is as high everywhere.

Door lock – what to think about when buying new ones

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