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Famous bands that will rock your party

Want to book bands for your event or party? And looking for a famous and professional band? This four bands will turn your event into an unforgettable party.

The Venga Boys

The Venga Boys are taking you back to the dance scene of the nineties. This band became famous with their songs ‘Up & Down’, ‘We Like to Party’, ‘Boom Boom Boom’, ‘We’re Going to Ibiza’, ‘Kiss (When the Sun Don’t Shine)’, ‘Shalala Lala’ and ‘Uncle John from Jamaica’. Also, in the 21th century this band knows how to party!

The Tour

The Tour started in 2003 in Amsterdam and nowadays this all-round cover band is a big success. The band performed in many Dutch places and European cities, at festivals, student parties, weddings and business events. The bandmembers even performed in Asia. With their repertoire of funk, rock, dance and pop, The Tour is a band which is suitable for every party.

Crazy Pianos

Touring band Crazy Pianos is a big name in the Netherlands. Performing is the passion of the bandmembers and they give a wonderful, spectacular show full of red concert pianos, drums, hilarious acts and crazy pianists.


Live band Popgunnn plays all the classic tunes and the most famous hits in a 90-minute set without stopping. The six bandmembers will play all the best hip-hop, dance and rock tracks live. With their unlimited energy and their raw sound, Popgunnn turns your event into an unforgettable party.

Famous bands that will rock your party