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Heating your house the cheap way

Getting your house nice and warm costs a lot on a yearly base. This article is about reducing the costs, but keeping the same warmth in house. Inside this article you’ll find some tips to achieve that.


At first you can lower the central heating. This will reduce costs massively. But reducing the central heating will also make a decrease in degrees. Too fit this problem, it is possible to use an extra blanket. Also more clothing can help to fit in this less degree’s gap.  


Another option is again lowering the central heater. But in this case you will fill the gap with something else. The old-school fireplace. This is a fireplace where you can make a fire, inside your house, by burning some wood. This cozy method works and will make the house some degrees warmer, without paying for it. Wood is much cheaper than your central heater bill at the end of the year.


You can also save a lot of money on the water use. Warm water is created by the central heater. To make sure that you will save money on this, you can use a dab water pump. The water pump collects rainwater which will be used instead of the regular water. This method saves a lot of money.


You can also use a electric heater. This way your electricity bill will be a little higher. But at the end the electricity will be less expensive then your gass bill.


The last option is to isolate your walls and floor. This way you will keep the cold weather outside in the winter, but the cold inside during the summer. Isolation is an expensive project. This project will be a investment for the future. See the isolation as a long-term investment. Isolation will make sure that your central heating can always be reduced, wich will save money.

Heating your house the cheap way