Lifeboat service that helps keep your vessels in top shape

When you work in the shipping industry, it is important to acquire the right tools for your work in the right time, for example custom RIB boats and other work- and lifeboats. You never know when you will need to use a lifeboat. Proper lifeboat service by Euro Offshore BV is vital for keeping your vessels in top shape, and ready to be called into action. Small repairs are carried out immediately and maintenance is done without disrupting the working process on board. Why choose Euro Offshore BV to carry out the required maintenance? Because this specialist has over 20 years of experience in developing, building, and maintaining custom RIB boats, lifeboats, and workboats!

Lifeboat service that extents to additional systems such as the freefall system

For lifeboat service and for all other necessities in order to operate a lifeboat, Euro Offshore BV is just the specialist you need. They go beyond the maintenance and repairs of your vessels. A lifeboat for instance, is mounted to the deck or the side of a ship by means of a freefall system. Besides holding the boat in place, this system is also used for quickly deploying the lifeboat in case of an emergency. Naturally, it would be catastrophic if this system jams or refuses to operate in any other way. That is why Euro Offshore BV takes care of lifeboats, as well as all additional systems. Is a lifeboat not suitable for your applications? Check out the possibilities for having your own custom RIB boats built by these Dutch specialists!

High quality custom RIB boats using the latest technology

We all know that the shipping industry is a very important factor for international trade. To keep up with global demands, and to keep working at sea as safe as possible, manufacturers are quick to adopt new and innovative ways of improving your vessels. At Euro Offshore BV, this varies from lifeboat service to building custom RIB boats, fully tailored to your needs and demands. These boats are made from high grade GRP, a very rigid and tough composite material that makes these boats safer and far more durable. Inform about the possibilities by contacting Euro Offshore BV today.