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Magnetfishing in Best

First catch while magnet fishing in Best with the best magnet for magnet fishing

BEST – When Britt from Acht went magnet fishing for the first time on Monday night, together with her boyfriend Randy, they immediately landed a very special catch: a Kalashnikov. Or at least something that looks very much like one.

Since Randy is an avid fisherman, the couple decided to give the magnetic variety a try Monday night as well. Fishing for metal objects has become increasingly popular in recent years. After all, there is quite a bit of metal in the water. From lost coins and dumped bicycles to objects that cause a lot more commotion. Ammunition from the Second World War has been unearthed on several occasions: just this week in the river IJssel near Deventer. In Amersfoort, a ban was imposed after an old explosive device was dug up twice in a short period of time. And last spring, a Kalashnikov also emerged from the canal in Amsterdam.

For Britt and Randy, the automatic weapon was almost the first thing to emerge from the water. We were on the canal in Best, near the Hornbach”, Britt recalls. “After that we fished on for a while, but then only beer caps came up.” Once home, they called the police, who took the rather rusty rifle. They were told that it was indeed an AK-47 – or Kalashnikov. Based on the photo, it appears to be a kalashnikov-like weapon of Yugoslavian origin.

“We will certainly see if we can still do something with it in the detection,” said a police spokesperson. The chance of fingerprints is small after a period under water, but the weapon can also provide other leads. “For example, the number could still be legible.”