Reliable and attractively priced water heaters


Reliable and attractively priced

For reliable and attractively priced electric water heaters go to our site and check out our entire range of Wijas, Wesen and Lemet water heaters. We are the distributor for Lemet (high quality electric water heaters made in Poland) in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg Ireland and the UK. These water heaters are attractively priced, highly energy-efficient, CE-marked and come with a 2-year warrantee as standard.

We also sell both Wesen’s series, the Inox Flat and the Silver Flat. 5 year guarantee on corrosion of the steel tank and a 2 year guarantee on the unit itself. If you are looking for an electric water heater from a well-known brand, such as Ariston you’ve come to the right website too. Please check our entire product range on

Water heaters will last you for years and years

If you correctly install your water heater with the right safety relief valve you will enjoy hot water from your electric water heater for many years to come. To prolong its service life do make sure you maintenance it from time to time according to what the manual says.

Lemet is manufactured with an enamel steel tank that is durable and if you replace the sacrificial anode every 2 to 2.5 years there’s no reason why your Lemet shouldn’t last for years and years.

Wesen has two inoxidable steel tanks instead of one, reducing heating time plus giving added strength to the two smaller tanks inside the unit as there’s less pressure per cm2. This makes the Wesen boilers both reliable and durable.

Wijas instant water heaters we sell on our website are highly reliable machines that, if properly installed, will never fail you.

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Reliable and attractively priced water heaters