Solo in London


London is a great city for solo travel. While London may not be the cheapest city to stay in but there are ways to cut costs and still enjoy the many exciting experiences it offers. One of the easiest places to save money is in your accommodation, with many different options in terms of comfort level and amenities. Many solo travelers elect to stay in hostels or room share situations to save, but with the all new Moxy London, you can be certain that you are getting modern style mixed with boutique charm, all at an affordable rate. This refreshing DIY mentality is offering solo guests a chance to mix and mingle, all while relaxing in comfortable, contemporary furnishings. Now that you have your budget hotel in London figured out, take a look at these solo travel tips:

Prepare for sticker shock- London is expensive, there is no way around that. Plan your budget accordingly before your visit, because nothing’s worse than running out of money when you’re by yourself in a big city.

Do what YOU want- This is your solo trip, make it what you want it to be. If art seems boring to you, then skip the long lines at the museums and galleries. If you absolutely must see a sporting event while you are in town, make it happen. Part of the glory of traveling alone is not having to answer to anyone else.

Take a free tour: This is the perfect way to get your bearings in an unfamiliar city. There are two operators who offer free tours of the city, and while they may not cover everything, and they may not go in depth about the subjects that interest you, give them a chance. If nothing else, it can give you some perspective on how to plan the rest of your journey.

Eat in the Streets: London’s diverse culture always makes its street food scene rather interesting. There are plenty of food truck and local market options. It is always fun (and cheap) to sample the local flavors.

It’s pub time: Traditional pubs are awesome for the solo traveler, because they encourage patrons to step outside their comfort zones. There is plenty of lively fun to be had over a pint or two, and as an added bonus, many have happy hour specials that will please the wallet as well. A solo trip to London gives you a new perspective on the world’s greatest city. Whether you’ve been there before or never been at all, traveling by yourself can be an exciting way to really experience the city. Going solo allows you to venture off the usual tourist route, to experience things at your own pace, to see more and do more. 

Solo in London