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That one beautiful leather couch

That wonderful new leather couch that is shining in the living room. For months you have been looking forward to this moment and finally the couch arrived. It’s nice to sit in and it is also easy to wipe stains from! This is the moment that you want to keep forever. The couch may never lose it’s colour again and it has to sit this nice for the next century. Unfortunately it does not work like this. A couch will never hold all it’s colour and eventually it will lose colour or it will show some ugly stains. Luckily there is something you can do about this! You can buy angelus leather paint from! This paint will make sure that the couch that is not as shiny as it was before will get it’s colour back.


This is also something that can work with suede couches. Suede is a lot more difficult to conserve then leather. But it can give a very nice effect in the living room. This is why a great suede paint can be the solution. Suede paint exists in many different kinds and colours. The colour that you use should be the same as the colour of the surface you want to paint. In this way you will get the best results and your suede couch will remain the colour that it was bought in.


If you have some leftover paint after painting your couch, you can use this paint for other products that are also made of leather or suede. You could for instance paint your shoes or your old suede jacket that got ugly stains. This will make sure that your whole wardrobe will look fresh! You can go in to the next season with a fresh feeling. Without paying a lot of money. is not expensive at all! This while buying a new leather jacket can be expensive.  

That one beautiful leather couch

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