The advantages of underfloor heating for interior design

Imagine having no radiators on the wall? Imagine what you could do with that space? And what about having no radiators below or in front of windows? Or deciding to reposition an partitioning wall after you have been in the space and realised it is in the wrong place? All these interior design and space planning issues become so much more flexible with underfloor heating.

Design Freedom

With underfloor heating a system of pipes filled with hot water run under the floor to turn the entire floor into a giant radiant surface. The system is usually installed during the build of the property, but there are also systems available that allow retrofitting or that are ideal in refurbishement projects, historic buildings or churches. The whole system is controlled by a manifold connected to thermostats that control the heat per section. Great advantage is that there is no pipework through and across walls to hinder interior design or prevent you from repositioning an internal wall. 

For a domestic property this could mean that the living area can now seamlessly flow over into the garden and vice versa:

Also there is more freedom for window blinds and curtains when there are no radiators below the windows or next to French doors. The positioning of sofa against the wall or large artwork on the wall now becomes a real opportunity.

Commercial Property 

With underfloor heating for commercial property the advantages are perhaps of even more valuable. With retail space for example, space comes at a premium and nothing is more under the influence of change than consumer behaviour. An interior layout may be changed every 3 years or so and displays and visuals even more often. It is then a great advantage to benefit from underfloor heating. It is much easier to change interior layout and wall signage when there are no radiators.

The same applies to public buildings like reception areas in large public buildings like councils and hospitals. Internal wall of meeting rooms or consultation rooms can be taken out or added with much less constraints like it would have bee the case when there are conventional radiators installed.


The advantages of underfloor heating for interior design