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When to hire a workplace consultancy?

A good commercial interiors company is actually a workplace consultancy. They start at the beginning and that means they will talk to you and ask you questions. Not bombarding with products and ideas because at that point they don’t know which ones are right for you and that is why the consult with you. 


A workplace consultancy wil explore your business and gain an understanding of what actually happens. They will expose the inner workings of your business and allow you to make informed decisions as we take you forward in to new space.



The conventional process of translating an interior design into a built environment will result in delays and over budget expenditure. A workplace consultancy wil offer a risk-free delivery model, through a seamless and end-to-end integration of design and construction teams. Projects conform to budget from the onset and, not only meet schedules, but can be delivered faster and with costs controlled at every point.


A Workplace consultancy will meticulously plan the project and monitor the progress daily. Allowing sufficient overtime/additional labour within contingency planning and expenses.


A Workplace Consultancy will work closely with the client and ensure total clarity at any point where compromises are being created with their associated effects so that there are no surprises

    • Timeframe


      Local Authority approvals 

      Start dialogue with the local Council at the earliest opportunity and keep them engaged at all points through the process

    • Landlord consent, 

      Call early meeting with the Landlord agent to establish their particular preferences for all aspects of building access, site management, other tenants, building protection, site compounds etc. and provide a weekly meeting opportunity to discuss areas of concern if required. 


    • Occupation certificate prior to completion 

      Work with the appointed BCO to optimise and achieve the necessary permits to get production area’s up and running prior to the official move date 


    • Move management –  downtime 

      Work with the various production managers to prioritise build and fit-out to reduce to the maximum, any downtime as a result of the move. Work with them to integrate any new equipment arrivals to coincide with the build program and reduce any commissioning time as far as reasonable practicable. 


    • Building access and conflicts with other building tenants/contractors 

      Work closely with the Landlord agent to manage expectations, ensure that on-site storage and vehicle parking is not unduly compromised and call a meeting with all other tenant facilities/senior staff to offer them a point of contact going forward for any concerns they may have. 


    • Communication (lack of) 

      Provide a daily report to all members of the Project delivery Team with reference to the overall timeline and how we are progressing against it. Fortnightly site meetings with key personnel from the client. to provide a full time site manager as a single point of contact for the client should anyone require access to the site for whatever reason. 


    • Furniture mock-up 

      Opportunity for staff to select specific chairs from a selection offered and other important office furniture pieces which will help to make sure staff feel included and consulted in the overall process.







When to hire a workplace consultancy?